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The Ad Effect

A Top-Performing digital advertising network for brands and agencies by providing high-impact display ads that are Viewable, Creative, and Engaging.
WE INVEST in developing unique ad formats that deliver high performance for advertisers because our mission is to create the most valuable ads on the web.


HIGH PERFORMANCE AD that overcomes banner blindness
• Relevant and Engaging inventory
• 90%+ viewability & 200X the interaction rate of traditional banners
• 100% brand safety


NON-INTRUSIVE AD FORMATS that engages users
• Top performing ad formats
• Unique ad experience
• High viewability & fully customizable


INNOVATIVE AD FORMATS that elevate the mobile experience
• High-quality and immersive experience
• Interactive experience brings ad to life
• High user attention & engagement

THE NATIVE ADS that deliver results
• Give you access to premium content
• Puts your brand in front of the right audience
• Brand safety and… peace of mind